Collaborative Working during the COVID-19 Pandemic


CAIPE appreciate that we are all currently experiencing very challenging circumstances. During these unusual times CAIPE recognise that Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) undertaking health and social care professional education are quickly developing contingency action plans which relate to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). In this climate, HEI’s have had to be innovative and responsive to continue with professional education providing theory online and responding to the demands of the frontline.

The Professional, Statutory, and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) have responded to the current impact of COVID-19 by recognising that their standards are designed to be responsive and flexible, in order to ensure that those who complete professional courses meet all of the relevant proficiency standards for each profession. This includes interprofessional learning and collaborative practice. CAIPE recommends that any measures put in place, continue to deliver high quality interprofessional teaching and learning which meet professional standards.  That these measures also ensure that students are supported in understanding the relevance and importance of interprofessional learning online and interprofessional working in practice. CAIPE acknowledge the exceptional nature of this current situation, and want to ensure that members are aware of the availability of the Board to support and guide colleagues who are currently involved  with the delivery of interprofessional education to students.

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During these uncertain times CAIPE is keen to support the IPE research community coordinate its efforts and response to the pandemic.  This study registry was developed to raise awareness of planned, completed or ongoing IPE research related to COVID-19; as well as enable collaboration among research teams with common interests.  We expect this registry to help avoid duplication of work and waste of scarce resources, as well as enable a more coordinated and systematic response to the pandemic by the IPE community.

Accepted registrations will be placed here alphabetically by project title order.