About Us

What is CAIPE?

CAIPE was established in 1987 as a membership organisation and UK-based charity, to promote health and wellbeing and to improve the health and social care of the public by advancing interprofessional education (IPE). This year we celebrate thirty years since the foundation of CAIPE with a special event.

Celebration of CAIPE’s Thirty Years in the development and promotion of Interprofessional Education

1st December 2017 at the River Room, Strand Campus, Kings College London, between 16.00 and 20.00.

Download “Celebration of thirty years of CAIPE.” Celebration-of-Thirty-Years-1-2.pdf – Downloaded 37 times – 206 KB

We are a community committed to collaborative working across health and social care and related services. CAIPE aims to promote and develop interprofessional education, research, learning and practice globally.

We recognise interprofessional education as occasions when members or students of two or more professions learn with, from and about each other to improve collaboration and the quality of care and services.

We support students, academics, practitioners, researchers and people who use services by sharing information and enabling networking opportunities.

Statement Of Purpose


At CAIPE we……

  • respect and value people who learn together
  • strive for excellence in collaborative practice
  • respect and value people who work together
  • contribute to a vibrant community of practice
  • support innovation, creativity and diversity
  • commit to minimising our impact on the environment
  • work in partnership with our stakeholders
  • empower our membership to bring about change

(See CAIPE’s Principles of Interprofessional Education).  

Download “CAIPE (2011) Principles of Interprofessional Education, developed by Barr, H. & Low, H.” Barr-Low-2011-Principles-of-Interprofessional-Education.pdf – Downloaded 1700 times – 338 KB

Download “CAIPE (2017) Interprofessional Education Guidelines” CAIPE-2017-Interprofessional-Education-Guidelines-2.pdf – Downloaded 553 times – 616 KB


At CAIPE we aim to……

  • promote and develop interprofessional education, learning, practice and research through all our members
  • collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations nationally and globally in interprofessional education, learning, research and practice
  • foster collaborative accountability
  • collaborate with national stakeholders, statutory, professional and regulatory bodies in the promotion and development of interprofessional education, learning, research and practice
  • act as an independent ‘think tank’ to improve collaborative practice and thereby the quality of service provision by the professions learning and working together
  • be a national and international authorative voice on interprofessional education in both academia and the workplace.
  • provide information and advice through national and international activities and publications, corporate forums and workshops.
  • facilitate the development of a workforce fit for purpose
  • make an impact on quality of services