CAIPE (2012) IPE in Pre-registration Courses- CAIPE Guide-for-Commissioners & Regulators of Eduction (Barr,H., Low, H. & Howkins, E.)

This guide is addressed to all those who are responsible in the United Kingdom (UK) for commissioning and regulating interprofessional education (IPE) within and between pre‐ registration professional courses for medicine, health, social care and related fields to promote collaborative practice, to improve services for individuals, families and communities:

Government departments, funding councils, the NHS, local authorities, charitable foundations and others commissioning professional courses to ensure that interactive learning opportunities are included;
Regulatory bodies to ensure that each course subject to approval, validation or review builds in tried and tested approaches to IPE.The development of effective IPE during pre‐registration education depends critically on consensus and concerted action between commissioners and regulators, grounded in a shared understanding.


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