Laming, Lord. (2003) The Victoria Climbe Inquiry- Report Of An Inquiry

This report begins and ends with Victoria Climbié. It is right that it should do so. The purpose of this inquiry has been to find out why this once happy, smiling, enthusiastic little girl – brought to this country by a relative for ‘a better life’– ended her days the victim of almost unimaginable cruelty.

The horror of what happened to her during her last months was captured by counsel to the inquiry, Neil Garnham QC, who told the inquiry: “the food would be cold and would be given to her on a piece of plastic while she was tied up in the bath.

She would eat it like a dog, pushing her face to the plate. Except, of course that a dog is not usually tied up in a plastic bag full of its excrement. To say that Kouao and Manning treated Victoria like a dog would be wholly unfair; she was treated worse than a dog.”

· To classify the outcomes of IPE and note the influence of context on particular outcomes.

· To develop a narrative about the mechanisms that underpin and inform positive and negative outcomes of IPE.

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