Carpenter, J. & Dickinson, H. (2016) Interprofessional Education and Training, 2ndED, Policy Press, Bristol.

This book would appeal to a broad readership. The key audience is likely to be those who are already engaging with IPE in some form: policy-makers, those working within HEIs, education managers, evaluators and students. However, anyone who works with other professions (and who doesn’t?) could find this book helpful as IPE doesn’t have to be a formal learning experience and can be instigated by practitioners within their own setting with thought and planning.

As one of five books in a series providing an introduction to partnership working in health and social care, this second edition book explores the idea that professionals should ”learn together to work together” within an interprofessional education (IPE) and training approach. It covers subjects from the background and policy, latest research and “hot topics”, frameworks and concepts through to recommendations for policy and practice.

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