The health and welfare services are highly complex multi-professional organisations. General management has been introduced and there is pressure for improvement in the integration of services. To make this a reality, however, professional boundaries and barriers must be re-examined, or else the health and welfare services will not ensure quality of services to the patient/client/consumer.

This publication is timely, and it is an important contribution to the literature on joint training, interprofessional education and work relationships. It brings together the existing literature on joint training within the health and welfare services of the 1990s. Further, it shares information on how health and welfare professionals can go forward to develop joint, interprofessional and interagency collaboration which is responsive to patients’/clients’ needs.

Download “Weinstein, J. (1994) Sewing the Seams for a Seamless Service- A Review of Developments in Interprofessional Education and Training.” Weinstein-J.-1994-Sewing-the-Seams-for-a-Seamless-Service-A-Review-of-Developments-in-Interprofessional-Education-and-Training.pdf – Downloaded 105 times – 9 MB