CAIPE (1995) Shared Learning- Selected Examples from the Literature. A Report from the review of Shared Learning. (Authored by- Barr, H. & Shaw, I.)

This is the last of three papers from the Review of Shared Learning which CAIPE commissioned  from the School of Social Studies at the University of Nottingham.

This paper summarises selected examples of such initiatives in the united Kingdom that have been subjected to systematic evaluation. It provides an overview. It is not a substitute for studying reports in  the original. Rather it enables readers to select those most relevant to their interests and to focus their interest accordingly.

The paper compliments CAIPE’s annotated bibliography  (Toase 1991) which includes numerous other sources. The summaries are preceded by a commentary. After endeavouring to resolve problems of semantics, this paper takes a critical look at methodology, before comparing the selected examples in terms of their context, theoretical orientation, aims, curriculum, learning methods and outcomes.

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