CAIPE (1995) Locally Based Shared Learning – Surveys in two English Counties [Authored by- Shaw, I.]

This paper is the second of three resulting from the review of shared learning in health and social care undertaken for CAIPE by Professor Hugh Barr and Dr Ian Shaw at the University of Nottingham. It reports upon telephone surveys in two English shire counties to establish the incidence, nature and use of shared learning. These surveys have helped to inform the design of CAIPE’s second national survey of interprofessional education. The first national survey (Shakespeare et al 1989) concentrated upon primary health care. The second also includes community care, which now forms part of CAIPE’s remit.

The first paper drew upon the experience of people at the forefront of developments in shared learning throughout the United Kingdom. With their assistance, that paper identified trends in health, social care and education which have prompted and shaped recent initiatives in shared learning. These initiatives were then described; priorities for promotion and development are floated. A third paper by Barr and Shaw will review selected examples of shared learning from the UK literature. This is the outcome of a library search, augmented by a wealth of material brought to life during Professor Barr’s interviews.

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