CAIPE (1994) Perspectives on Shared Learning. [Authored Barr, H & Shaw, I]

This paper is  one of three resulting from the Review of Shared Learning in Health and Social Care, undertaken for CAIPE by Professor Hugh Barr and Dr Ian Shaw at the University of Nottingham and funded by the Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust. Professor Barr’s varied past experience and contacts have enabled him to find and interview a wide range of people with special knowledge of shared learning in all parts of the United Kingdom.

With their assistance the report identifies trends in health, social care and education which have prompted and shaped recent initiatives in shared learning.  These initiatives are then described, priorities for promotion and development floated and a strategy outlined for future action.

Although almost all of those interviewed had in common a belief in the value of shared learning, the aspects which they wanted to discuss and the opinions  which they expressed created a daunting challenge for anyone attempting to derive a well organised synthesis. Professor Barr has brought their contributions together in seven chapters which offer the most up-to-date, clear and readable descriptive review at present available on a subject the relevance of which to most of the current changes in health and social care is increasingly recognised.