Barr, H & Lennox, A (2009) Valedictory Lecture Royal Society of Medicine ‘ Medicine and the Making of Interprofessional Education- A Celebration’

Interprofessional education is a distillation of the investment made by the participating professions- medicine, nursing, allied health, social work and others- each instilling its values, knowledge and skills accompanied by its preferred learning methods during a continuous process of negotiation and accommodation. This paper focuses on the contribution  made in the UK by medicine -showcasing general practice as befits the occasion.

It distinguishes between three phases:

  • the pioneering phase from 1966 to 1999 during which doctors led many of the early ‘initiatives’;
  • the promotional phase from 2000 to 2009 during which medicine sometimes seemed disconcerted;
  • the prospective phase entering uncharted waters.

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