Barr, H. (2013) Toward a theoretical framework for interprofessional education

This paper searches for the antecedents of some of many diverse theoretical perspectives being brought to bear to understand interprofessional education (IPE) toward developing a coherent, compatible and inclusive frame of reference. Some of the sources cited are original, “leaving everything to play for” in applying them to IPE. Others apply one or more of those sources to interprofessional learning or the context in which it is delivered. Combining perspectives in this way is helpful insofar as it furthers coherence across disciplinary boundaries, but leaves the serious scholar to trace each back to its roots. Considerations of space preclude a definitive review of the ever-increasing repertoire of theoretical perspectives being introduced into IPE from anthropology education, psychology, sociology and other academic disciplines. This paper focuses on those theories which elucidate the learning process and the learning context.

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