Digital stories about Interprofessional Education and Practice

Stories help people make sense of experiences – their own and others. They can be a particularly beneficial way for participants to process difficult, confusing or painful experiences, and to share those experiences with others.

CAIPE members have, over the years, made frequent use of the Patient Voices‘ extensive collection of digital stories for their own work in promoting and teaching interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional collaborative practice. Although there are many digital stories addressing health and social care issues, there are few that specifically address and focus upon interprofessional education, interprofessional collaboration, or teamwork. CAIPE has now filled this gap with a collection of stories specifically relating to IPE.

Several CAIPE members attended a Patient Voices® workshop early in 2018. Each participant produced a rich and personal story of their journey to IPE and their continuing work in promoting the principles and values of IPE as a service user, practitioner, teacher, student or IPE leader. In addition to educational uses, the stories can be used for marketing and promoting CAIPE.

These digital stories are now available to all CAIPE members. Guidelines are provided for each story to facilitate their use, including a summary of each story, several key search words and three or four questions will stimulate reflection and discussion and help people use the stories for teaching, curriculum planning, facilitation and promotion of IPE and CAIPE.

It is important that CAIPE receives feedback about how these stories have been used, how they have been shared, what people learnt, what was helpful /unhelpful and suggestions for further development of this CAIPE resource. An evaluation form will be automatically attached for completion after using each story.

The digital stories were created in a Patient Voices® workshop funded by CAIPE. The stories are copyright Pilgrim Projects Limited and are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives licence; this means that the stories must not be changed or sold and they must be appropriately attributed.

These videos are accessible to CAIPE members

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