CAIPE Working Groups

Corporate Members and Forum

Sundari Joseph, Maggie Hutchings, Nichola McLarnon and Kirsty Hyndes.

Service Users and Carers

Jenny Ford, Chris Essen, Kate Parkin, Emma Smith, Laura Sherlock, Melanie Stephens and Jane Chaplin.


Jenny Ford, Veronica O’Carroll, Stephen Garvey, Laura Park, James Wade and Student Representatives.

Individual Members

Richard Pitt, Emma Smith, Amira Chaudhry and Dawne Gurbutt.

Promotion Group Social Media/Website

Linda Eyre, Kate Parkin, Jenny Ford, Laura Chalmers, Stephen Garvey and Emma Beal.

CAIPE/Routledge Publications

Hugh Barr, Alison Machin and Maggie Hutchings.

Research Group

Veronica O’Carroll, Angus McFadyen, Sundari Joseph, Jackie Leigh, Marion Huber, Andreas Xyrichis, Mike Sy, Melissa Owens Laura Sherlock, Alla Alawasi and Maggie Hutchings.

Policy, Reviews & Consultation

Chris Sanders and Kate Parkin.


Richard Pitt, Sundari Joseph and Maggie Hutchings.

Consultancy & Workshops

Dawne Gurbutt and Sundari Joseph.

Validating IPE/IPC

Sharon Buckley and Melanie Stephens.

CAIPE Governance

Alison Machin and Emma Beal.

Learning and Teaching

Juanjo Beunza, Laura Chalmers, Dawne Gurbutt, James Wade, Melissa Owen, Stephen Garvey and Sharron Blumenthal.