ICON IPEPC 2022 The Interprofessional Conference on Interprofessional Education Practice and Care


Making Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Possible

25-27 November 2022

Hybrid Conference

Physical Venue: MUCM Campus Melaka

Virtual Platform: Zoom Meeting


Following the 1st & 2nd International Conference in Interprofessional Education, Practice & Care (ICON-IPEPC) in 2018 & 2021, Centre of Transformative Learning, Manipal University College Malaysia, together with Manipal-FAIMER Institute, MAEMHS and MAAM brings to you the 3rd ICON-IPEPC 2022. Whether you are a learner, scholar or practitioner, ICON-IPEPC 2022 promises an exciting 3 days, focused on collaborative person-centered practice and care.

To discuss equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are key to achieving the best learning, working, and living environments for everyone who is part of health and social care.
To discuss the Patients’ Voice through the patient as a partner approach in healthcare.

To discuss on various modalities of teaching IP collaborative skills
To elaborate on Communities of Practice
To identify barriers in IPE/IPP
To explore specific issues in developing countries e.g. traffic accidents; provision of community care and training of community care workers as primary healthcare first contact

To look at a wider social determinants of health view where other health providers are not regulated

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