CAIPE (2017) Continuing Interprofessional Development: Guidelines 2017

Continuing Interprofessional Development: Guidelines 2017

Prepared for CAIPE by Barr, H., Ford, J., Gray, R., Helme, M.& Reeves, S.


These guidelines respond to the need to assist qualified health, social care and related workers to:

  1. Heighten their interprofessional awareness as they progress in their respective professions following qualification;
  2. Reinforce, augment and apply in successive roles and responsibilities collaborative competencies learnt during their prequalifying studies.

They focus on continuing learning for workers whose qualifying courses included interprofessional education (IPE) compatible with successive guidelines from CAIPE (2012, 2016). They are addressed to all who are responsible for commissioning, developing, delivering, evaluating and overseeing continuing interprofessional development (CIPD) to be read in conjunction with CAIPE’s current IPE guidelines (CAIPE, 2016). Like them they apply primarily to practice in the United Kingdom (UK), but, allowing for differences in context, may also be applicable in other countries. CAIPE will be publishing guidance later for workers and mentors.

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